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Tokenomics for $TRSRY

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 at genesis
  • Current Supply: 95,800,000 at 17/04/2024
  • In circulation: 58,046,000 at 17/04/2024
  • Withheld supply: 34,850,000 (Academy, NFT Payouts and Rewards)
  • Team Wallet: 7,103,000
  • Main Utility: Primary Ecosystem Token
  • Blackholed, KYCd and deflationary asset

Tokenomics for $UtiliteX

  • Initial Supply: 25,000,000 at genesis 03/03/2022
  • Current Supply: 84,915,000 at 17/04/2024
  • In circulation: 71,327,000 at 17/04/2024
  • Withheld supply: 3,508,000 (Rewards)
  • Last mint: 01/04/2024
  • Team Wallet: 10,080,000
  • Main Utility: Rewarding Mechanism
  • Non-Blackholed*, KYCd and inflationary asset
*Unlike the native project token $TRSRY, $UtiliteX will not be blackholed. This then offers us the opportunity to run an ecosystem where $TRSRY serves as a currency, for people to trade and accumulate , whilst $UtiliteX delivers specific and targeted utility.



$TRSRY Issuing Wallet​

rLBnhMjV6ifEHYeV4gaS6jPKerZhQddFxW This is the issuing wallet for the $TRSRY token.

Community Distribution Wallet

rH6xyzeRsPbMw3nCkatCVt29njLrCLcNKD (Formerly: raFwUqgmUDahiuyo4urYP5L2YD4FZSDGG4): This wallet is used to store the uncirculated amount of $TRSRY destined for Academy learn-to-earn payouts. It is also used to payout the monthly rewards to qualifying Timmy NFT holders, as well as the prize pot for Timmy’s Lucky Numbers Draw and any other collaboration prizes or rewards. This wallet feeds the Academy Rewards Wallet.

Academy Rewards Wallet

rME2LXH8Che2BZRbu5LCRKWju9U3ARaEPd: This wallet is solely used for distributing the learn-to-earn $TRSRY rewards to the students of our Academy. This Wallet is fed by the Community Distribution Wallet.

$UtiliteX Issuing Wallet

rKDsnVfFMzdqrU8Bqno37d29L8ZW3hvrf8: This is the issuing wallet for the $UtiliteX token.

$UtiliteX Holding Wallet

rsUKrCTRXhEqxKVyeT7YNGDgzhV7MRPpX7: This wallet holds the uncirculated supply of $UtiliteX destined for Rewarding. This wallet feeds the Daily Rewards Wallet. 

Daily Rewards Wallet

rN8FigZNyfEdnve68oPFAeHymsjDaTSN3p: This wallet is solely used for distributing our daily $UtiliteX rewards drops to holders of $TRSRY. This wallet is fed by the $UtiliteX Holding Wallet. 

Treasury XRPL Team Wallet

rDuyAcoVnWP1T7yh6dGXo7fCSJG3iB4kfm: This wallet is the wallet that holds $TRSRY and $UtiliteX destined for team payments. It is also the wallet that was used to issue NFT Bonds, and receive NFT Bonds back from their holder when they reach maturity.

Supplementary Holdings Wallet

rstAzE37WJqcw5dVgCycokq4EQ8GaFbFK3: This wallet holds our dedicated $RPR holding making $TRSRY eligible for a Hard-Slot. It therefore also holds the $ASC holding, and a number of other tokens dropped as a result of being an $ASC holding wallet. In addition it holds a number of other project’s tokens donated as a result of collaborations with other projects.

NFT Issuing Wallet

rQUsp48uiMqtCaXomJJBrW6bVeu86oVHYQ: This wallet is used to issue NFTs (eg. Timmys).