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From the very beginning of the project, and widely publicised, the strategy underpinning all of Treasury XRPL’s development has been to build trust in this space.
“Trust” in the crypto world feels like a dirty word. Why? Because all too often individuals and companies alike have been found to abuse the trust others put in them for their own gain. From exchanges, to influencers and projects we’ve all seen our fair share of bad actors in this space.
This is precisely why Treasury XRPL spent the first year working hard to build a solid reputation through the deployment of our learn-to-earn Academy, educating and empowering individuals to make more informed decisions, and through Venture platform offering mentoring, a spotlight funding and a suite of products and support to new projects starting on the XRPL.

Treasury XRPL is delighted to announce the creation of Treasury Business Services. This will further broaden our contribution to the XRP Ledger as well as offer a growing number of products and services suited to both projects and individuals alike.

Bonded Holdings Agreement (BHA)

Simply put, BHAs take the temptation away from those running projects, by limiting access to the substantial share of issued supply projects ordinarily withhold for team payments, future marketing, development etc.. as part of their tokenomics.

Discreet Brokerage Service (DBS)

Treasury DBS slots in to discreetly market either entire projects or intellectual property, using our extensive contacts database of existing projects that are looking to bolster their offering through acquisitions, as well as select and well-positioned individuals and organisations looking to acquire projects.