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For a blockchain company known for bringing real-world utility to the XRPL, you may be wondering how a cheery tortoise came to be part of our story. 

The answer is Community. As well as our growing range of blockchain products and offerings, we have an amazing community of “treasurers” that support what we are doing, and this is no better illustrated than through Grace and Alan’s story which you can read in detail on this page.

As well as being a really fun and cheery NFT for you to hold and show off, there’s no surprise that Timmy comes with a little utility built-in. Read on to find out more.

From the original hand drawing by Grace, there is now a growing collection of Timmy’s see below for a run down and click on each to go view the full set in each collection or to pick one up for yourself.

Timmy Main Collection

Timmy Tier 1 (320 Total, 100 XRP)
Timmy Tier 2 (240 Total, 125 XRP)
Timmy Tier 3 (144 Total, 150 XRP)
Timmy Tier 4 (120 Total, 200 XRP)
Timmy Tier 5 (96 Total, 225 XRP)
Timmy Tier 6 (36 Total, 250 XRP)

Special Editions

Timmy Origns (Sold Out)
Festive Timmys (Sold Out)
Timmy Halloween
4th July Charity Edition (Sold Out)


As of the 4th of July Limited edition collection, we decided that our Timmy NFT project can do good as well as provide fun and entertainment.

Therefore, a proportion of the proceeds from the sale of every future Limited Edition Collection will be donated to a nominated charity, and a proportion of the proceeds will also go to the talented artist Grace’s college fund.

To date, we have donated over 1,200XRP to two nominated charities: Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital and the Folded Flag Foundation, and just short of 700XRP to Grace’s college fund.

Timmy's Lucky Numbers Draw - Sweepstake

 – No purchase necessary – 

As well as having one of our Timmy NFT’s to sport as your PFP or show off to your friends, holding a Timmy NFT also entitles you to a free entry into our weekly Timmy’s Lucky Numbers Draw.

There will be one drawing per week for 10,000 $TRSRY. Drawn every Tuesday during our Treasury Talks twitter spaces.

If no-one wins that drawing the pot will increase by 10,000 $TRSRY for the following week.

All Timmy NFTs, (which include each tier of our main collection as well as the Timmy Origins and Festive Timmys), as well as any future Timmy issuances will be included in the draw and each carry a Lotto Number in the NFT description or traits.
To win you need to match the first THREE numbers of your Lotto Number in the specific order.
If the FOURTH number is matched as well (for all Timmy’s except for Tier 1), the prize will be multiplied by the Tier’s multiplier, detailed below:

Tier 1: No multiplier
Tier 2: x 1.25
Tier 3: x 1.5
Tier 4: x 1.75
Tier 5: x 2
Tier 6: x 2.5

Timmy Origins #002-021: x5
Timmy Origins #001: x10
Festive and Limited Edition Timmy’s: x3

Current Timmy NFT lock-ins

As per the terms and conditions below, in the event that a number drawn does not match a Timmy NFT currently held by someone, 5K $TRSRY will be locked in to that Timmy NFT and immediately claimable by the person that mints that NFT.

Current Timmy NFTs that hold a lock-in 5K $TRSRY are as follows:

Tuesday 24th Jan – 3 2 9 (4) – 0 1 9 (7) – 9 2 9 (6)
Tuesday 31st Jan – 2 1 0 (6)
Tuesday 7th Feb – 3 7 4 (8)
Tuesday 14th Feb – 4 7 1 (7)
Tuesday 21st Feb – 1 5 3 (2)
Tuesday 28th Feb – 6 9 4 (8)
Tuesday 7th March – 2 9 6 (9)
Tuesday 14th March – WINNER – see below
Tuesday 21st March – 8 4 3 (9)
Tuesday 28th March – 5 5 8 (4)
Tuesday 4th April – 9 1 6 (2)
Tuesday 18th April – First draw: 8 9 5 (7) & Second draw:  8 2 8 (0)
Tuesday 25th April – 9 2 1 (9)
Tuesday 2nd May – 2 1 9 (2)
Sunday 7th May – 9 5 7 (8) WINNER – see below
Tuesday 9th May – 4 8 2 (8)
Tuesday 16th May – 7 7 5 (3)
Tuesday 23rd May – 
Tuesday 30th May – 1 5 4 7
Tuesday 13th June – 2 0 6 5
Tuesday 20th June – WINNER – see below
Tuesday 27th June – 2 3 7 4
Tuesday 4th July – no draw
Tuesday 11th July – First draw: 2 5 1 (6) & Second draw:  1 5 2 (0)
Tuesday 18th July – no draw
Tuesday 25th – First draw: 2 8 4 (8) & Second draw: 4 2 6 (2)
Tuesday 1st August – First draw 0 2 5 (5)
 & Second draw: 9 2 0 (8)
Tuesday 8th August – no draw
Tuesday 15th August – 
First draw 5 6 1 (1) & Second draw 9 1 7 (6)
Tuesday 22nd August – no draw
Tuesday 29th August – no draw
Tuesday 5th September – 
First draw 2 5 6 (8) & Second draw 7 0 9 (9) & Third draw: 5 3 9 (5)
Tuesday 12th September – no draw
Tuesday 19th September – 
First draw 8 9 1 (1) & Second draw: 4 9 0 (9)
Tuesday 26th September – no draw
Tuesday 3rd October – 
First draw 7 4 9 (3) & Second draw 8 5 9 (4)
Tuesday 10th October – 5 0 6 (1)
Tuesday 17th October – 2 1 7 (7)
Wednesday 25th October – WINNER – see below
Tuesday 7th November – First draw 7 9 0 (4) & Second draw 6 3 9 (9)
Tuesday 14th November – 0 9 7 (7)
Tuesday 21st November – 5 1 8 (3)
Tuesday 28th November – 3 5 5 (2)
Tuesday 5th December – 4 3 9 (0)
Tuesday 19th December – WINNER – see below

Tuesday 9th January 2024 – WINNER – see below
Tuesday 16th January 2024 – 7 6 4 (3)
Tuesday 23rd January – 6 5 7 (3)
Tuesday 6th February – First draw 7 8 8 (3) & Second draw 8 2 4 (9)
Tuesday 19th March – First draw 
9 9 0 (8), Second draw WINNER (see below), Third draw 9 3 4 (4) winner but forfeighted due to no $TRSRY Trustline set.
Tuesday 16th April – First draw 8 8 3 (1), Second draw 4 2 9 (9), Third draw 4 4 5 (9), Fourth draw 0 8 4 (9)
Tuesday 30th April – First draw 2 9 8 (2), Second draw 8 7 0 (5)

Winners' Log

Here are the winners to date, (most recent at the top)

Tuesday 19th March – The winner was a holder of Tier 6 Timmy with the multiplier number matching seeing them walk away with 100K $TRSRY.

Tuesday 9th January – 7 7 1 (6). First draw of the year and we had a winner! The winner was a holder of a Tier 6 Timmy who walked away with a prize pot of 30K $TRSRY.

Tuesday 19th December. With the pot having accumulated over time, and with a big festive space to end the year, the pot was increased to a sizeable 100K $TRSRY. The other projects who joined the space also elected to contribute to the pot which totaled over 5K XRP in prizes. The winner was a Timmy Origins holder, which multiplied the pot to 500K $TRSRY.

Tuesday 25th October – In this exceptional draw, we selected a winner from all existing NFTs, for the prize pot of 180K $TRSRY which had accumulated over time. The winner was a Tier 1 Timmy holder.

Tuesday 20th June – 6 3 3 7 – Whilst the 4th number did not match, the holder of the Tier 1 Timmy NFT with number 633 as it’s magic number has 110K $TRSRY waiting for them. As they do not have the TL set, and contrary to our terms below that would normally mean they forfeit the prize pot, we allowed them 60 days to do so and come and claim their prize. The deadline passed on 21st August and the prize pot will be utilised for community incentives instead.

Sunday 7th May – 9 5 7 8 – Whilst the 4th number did not match, the holder of a Timmy Christmas NFT with number 9 5 7 6 walked away with a prize pot of 100k $TRSRY!

Tuesday 14th March – 2 9 2 4 – The holder of this NFT walked away with 450K $TRSRY which was 90K pot, with a 5X multiplier added to it. Lucky winner.

Terms and Conditions

(Terms and Conditions are subject to change and the most current version will always be available on this page) The Timmy lucky numbers will run for 1 year.

No purchase necessary – we will be giving away a number of Timmy NFTs which will offer you free entries into the draws.

All holders of Timmy NFTs are eligible for the Timmy’s Lucky Numbers Draw.

A rollover occurs when the number picked in a weekly draw is not matched against a Lotto Number held by any of the issued Timmy NFTs. In this instance the prize fund is rolled over to the following draw.

In addition to this, 5K $TRSRY will also be locked into that Timmy NFT and will be immediately claimable by the minter of the NFT.

Treasury XRPL LLC will identify and verify ownership of the Timmy NFT that holds the winning Lotto Number at the time of the draw.
The prize fund payout will be made to the owner of the Timmy NFT at the time of the draw, irrespective of any transactions that may have occurred with the NFT either before or after the draw occurred.

If the trustline to $TRSRY is not set in the XRP address that holds the winning Timmy NFT at the time of the draw, the prize pool is forfeited and will rollover to the following week.

Timmy's Story

Our story begins on March 23rd, 2022, during a community conversation about the upcoming advancements that Treasury was making at the time including the new White Paper v2.0.

Community member Alan made an on-the-cuff comment about how “slow and steady wins the race, but Treasury seems to be like a tortoise on a skateboard” A sentiment he later went on to share with his son that his granddaughter Grace overheard.

Unbeknownst to Alan 10-year-old Grace had gone away and drawn a special picture of a tortoise on a skateboard which she surprised her grandad with.

Together they sat at the PC and scanned the image and added a balloon with the Treasury logo to the drawing. An image that was shared with the community who loved it. The duo then went on to mint the image on the Sologenic DEX and listed it for sale. This was how the first unofficial Treasury NFT of Timmy the Skateboarding Tortoise was born

On May 1st, 2022, Duncan (the now CEO of Treasury) was the lucky individual to snap up this one-of-a-kind special work of art. A piece he has no intention of parting with no matter the offer, and we know many will try to get their hands on this piece of Treasury history.

On May 16th, 2022, during a vacation to the UK to visit family Alan met up with Duncan. During this get-together, Duncan was presented with the original image framed and completed with Grace’s signature. A photo of Alan and Duncan was taken at the time and posted on Twitter to commemorate this special moment, but this event comes with its own twist. When Duncan was tagging Alan in the post, he inadvertently tagged the wrong grandpa, not tagging Alan at all but Lucas (who is also now a member of the Treasury Team).

The Tale of Timmy the Tortoise


Fast forward to June 23rd, 2022, during a conversation between Hayley (Social media officer) and Kristin (former CMO) the idea of a Treasury mascot was conceived. The story of Timmy was brought up by Hayley as he came from within the extended community. 

What started as a throwaway comment, was made into a physical drawing. That drawing and the original NFT that was minted by Alan and Grace are now owned by the Treasury CEO. All the community members who played a part in our tale are now members of the Treasury team.

And Timmy, well his story has only just begun, he has grown and evolved from that Tortoise on a skateboard drawing into Timmy the Treasury Tortoise.

By: Hayley Shaw