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An ecosystem specifically geared to educating and empowering the community.

Treasury Academy transforms education by offering accessible, in-depth courses, empowering learners to actively engage and contribute to the community, fostering growth in an informed environment.

We deliver genuinely unbiased courses to help bridge the knowledge gap, and incentivize learners through a groundbreaking learn-to-earn initiative, whereby each lesson completion is rewarded through micropayments.

Empowering the Future with Blockchain Education

Empowering The Future With Blockchain Education
The Challenge: Today’s business world is tough to navigate, especially with outdated and scattered learning resources making it even harder. This is a big problem for anyone trying to boost their career or companies wanting to upskill their teams—they are stuck without clear, modern, and practical ways to learn.
The Reality: Finding good info is tough. Picture trying to switch to a career in blockchain or adding digital finance lessons at your place, only to hit wall after wall of useless info that doesn’t meet the mark in our fast-moving digital age.
Our Solution: At Treasury Academy, we are changing the game in education. Our courses are built to make sense to everyone, whether you are learning solo or as part of an organization. We break down tricky topics into easy steps, helping everyone get ready for the digital world. With us, you will feel ready to tackle anything blockchain throws your way.

Unlock Your Potential with Treasury Academy

Empowered Learning Through Technology

Unleash your potential with cutting-edge educational experiences. Through the integration of blockchain, AI, and VR technologies, we create a learning platform that adapts to your unique needs, offering secure, verifiable credentials and immersive learning environments.
Community Growth

Community-Centric Growth

Thrive in a collaborative educational ecosystem. Our platform fosters a decentralized community that connects learners, educators, and industry experts, enabling dynamic interactions, peer learning, and collaborative projects for real-world impact.

Personalized Pathways for Lifelong Success

Craft your future with flexible, personalized learning journeys. With options ranging from micro-credentials to comprehensive courses, our tailored learning paths support various career ambitions and learning styles, ensuring your educational growth is continuous.

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Helping our Learners

For anyone new to the web3 space, @TREASURYxrpl is a critical piece of the education infrastructure for the #XRPL. As a former teacher and current therapist, these modules demonstrate an evidence based model of contingency management in delivering a retainable educational experience, as well as fostering community and interest in our ecosystem for new and current players. If you are new, it should be a requirement 🤓

Treasury Academy has played an essential role in broadening my understanding of the crypto ecosystem. The pedagogical approach adds layers of clarity, making learning both simple and clear. I am grateful for the valuable insights gained from this educational experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have on Treasury Academy. Also, please feel free to check out our Getting Started page. If you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, just Contact us!

Academy operates an innovative learn-and-earn model where you are actually rewarded in crypto for each lesson you complete. Connecting your wallet allows us to be able to send you the micro-payments directly. For full information visit the Getting Started page. Good to know: On the XRP Ledger there are no smart contracts. Connecting your wallet to a site or an App only therefore gives that website or App access to your XRP address. It does not allow it to carry out any transaction as you will need to sign for each and everyone.
This is because payments are scheduled to drop at 6-hour intervals. You will start to see a steady flow of payments until all the lesson rewards you have accrued have been paid to you.
At present the learning platform does not allow retakes. This however does not stop you from progressing through the remainder of the lessons in that course.
We are actively onboarding new educators to contribute to the comprehensive curriculum we plan to cover. Please contact us by email sharing your subject matters of interest as well as any previous publications.
Certificates of completion are coming. For the time being however you have a blockchain verifiable proof of completion of every lesson on Academy through the micro-payments you receive and the attached memo that is sent with the transaction.

Before continuing to lessons, make sure you have your Xaman Wallet connected and your Trustlines set. If you are unfamiliar with the Xaman wallet or how to set a Trustline, click this button to read a set of instructions and video tutorials. 

Are you ready to start your learning journey?