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About Us

Founded by Australian native, Jason Nastevski, Treasury is more than just another cryptocurrency. With so many projects out there, many of which are scams/rugpulls or simply poorly managed, Jason wanted to create a project with true utility. After recruiting experts from around the globe, Jason and his team began to look at the ever-evolving crypto industry and assess the needs and wants of the community of investors, and identify problematic issues other projects were experiencing. This gave birth to Treasury, a multivariate ecosystem that provides real utility to its community of investors.   



Duncan Glendinning

After graduating from the University of Bath with a bachelors in Computer Science Duncan went on to build a freelance web development career for just close to 10 years before having a midlife crisis and turning his hand to artisan baking.

After 13 years as company director and head baker of a successful artisan bakery, Duncan now works as senior sales manager for a flour miss but he's never drifted too far away from the web and with his interest spiked in crypto, he's now wading back in as part of the Treasury team.

Having started his first business at just 12 years old, Duncan has a valuable entrepreneurial trait which together with his business acumen and technical understanding makes him an asset to the team. When not in his day job: Duncan enjoys time with his two young kids and his wife, cooking, growing fruit and veg on their allotment, and a glass or two of red wine.

Hayley Shaw

Social Media Officer
Hayley has been a part of the XRP community for a short time and can often be found in twitter spaces and various discord groups educating herself in her free time. She is co-host of the 2Cold Cross Chain Pub crawl, which has led to her to going out and discovering what the other block chains have to offer.

During the day Hayley works for a plastic recycling company helping to save the world one milk bottle at a time! In her free time she likes to cook, bake and play with her 3 fur babies, because after all a dog is a mans best friend so why not have 3!

Alan Bellhouse

An avid sports fan. Played rugby from school age until old age caught up. Held the position of secretary at the local multisport sports club.

Presently employed installing and commissioning hotel energy management systems all over the US.

Born in the UK sold up and emigrated in 2007, leaving 3 children and 8 grandchildren behind. 4th child emigrated and married an American and lives close by with 4 more grandchildren and 3 great-grandkids. Quiet time is working in my yard working on my computer and avoiding TV. Happy times are spending time with my wife of 52 years and travelling back to the UK to see my family

Alfredo Ayala

After earning a BS in International business from the University of La Verne. Alfredo embarked on a career in the financial industry, working in Fortune 10 banks, Large mutual insurance intuitions and with high-net-worth individuals in financial planning and wealth management. These experiences fueled a curiosity in data that manifested as a career pivot at 25. This led to Alfredo completing his MBA with an emphasis in finance at Pepperdine University.

In the ten years since then, Alfredo’s experience includes working in corporate accounting ranging from being the sole senior-accountant on a $100 billion AUM fund and leading a department of 50. In 2018 Alfredo and friends founded Brash LA, a consulting company focused on providing novel tech solutions to resolve current process issues and bottlenecks.

Company Corporate Structure

Treasury project is registered as Treasury XRPL LLC out of the State of Wyoming (Certificate ID 053066922)

Click here to view the Certificate of Incorporation.

Click here to access the publicly available records.

Tokenomics and wallets

Community Distribution Wallet: raFwUqgmUDahiuyo4urYP5L2YD4FZSDGG4

This wallet is used to store the uncirculated amount of $TRSRY destined for Academy learn-to-earn payouts. It is also used to payout the monthly rewards to qualifying Timmy NFT holders, as well as the prize pot for Timmy’s Lucky Numbers Draw and any other collaboration prizes or rewards.

Dedicated Academy Rewards wallet: rME2LXH8Che2BZRbu5LCRKWju9U3ARaEPd

This wallet is solely used for distributing the learn-to-earn rewards to the students of our Academy.

Dedicated Daily Rewards wallet: rME2LXH8Che2BZRbu5LCRKWju9U3ARaEPd

This wallet is solely used for distributing our daily rewards drops to holders of $TRSRY

Team & Project wallet: rDuyAcoVnWP1T7yh6dGXo7fCSJG3iB4kfm

This wallet is the wallet that holds $TRSRY and $UtiliteX destined for team payments, as well as XRP proceeds from the sale of NFTs. It is also the wallet used to issue NFTs, and receive NFT Bonds back from their holder when they reach maturity.

This wallet may also hold other assets which will have been purchased using the XRP funds.

Projects’ Holding wallet: rstAzE37WJqcw5dVgCycokq4EQ8GaFbFK3

This wallet holds our dedicated $RPR holding making $TRSRY eligible for a Hard-Slot. It therefore also holds the $ASC holding, and a number of other tokens dropped as a result of being an $ASC holding wallet. In addition it holds a number of other project’s tokens donated as a result of collaborations with other projects.

We are hiring

At Treasury XRPL we are always looking for talented and ambitious individuals. So, if you have a passion for crypto and a keen interest in the XRP Ledger then get in touch, and let’s explore your skills and how they can be applied to Treasury XRPL. Please email duncan@trsryxrpl.com to start up the conversation.

See below some specific roles we are recruiting for at present but please do not hesitate to email us if the roles below do not fit but you would like us to consider you for another position.

Dean of Treasury Academy / Academy co-ordinator

Having launched our Treasury Academy on the XRPL blockchain, we have had excellent feedback and through the lessons and courses available have paid out over 6M of our native token $TRSRY (equating to approximately $40K) to over 14,000 learners.

We are now looking to recruit a crypto enthusiast with a passion for academia and pedagogy to spearhead ongoing development.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Building relationships and strategic partnerships with educational institutions across the world
  • Focus on grants and other funding sources to support Treasury Academy
  • Exploring any and all avenues to monetise Academy whilst continuing to make the learning accessible to all.
  • Help recruit contributors to Academy.
  • Focus on development of blockchain technology and how the ways by which content can be delivered to the learners for a richer user experience.
  • Structure and plan new courses/lessons.
  • Liaise with representatives of a number of member organisations for specific branded content and courses

Prior understanding of blockchain technology and crypto is beneficial but not mandatory.

Chief Financial Officer / Finance Manager

With Treasury XRPL set for exponential growth this coming year, we are looking to bolster our team with someone with experience and proven track record in financial management.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

  • Perform forecasting and financial modeling
  • Collaborate with the leadership team and model out the company’s financial strategy and determine hiring needs to reach goals.
  • Continuously develop controls, processes, and accounting systems.
  • Oversee the day-to-day accounting and finance activities, including recording, reporting, and controlling internal systems.
  • Manage and establish relationships with banking or other partners.
  • Set up an efficient infrastructure that is scalable for a startup’s expected financial growth.
Experience with VC funding is also a huge plus.

Treasury's Roadmap to Success