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About Us

Founded by Australian native, Jason Nastevski, Treasury is more than just another cryptocurrency. With so many projects out there, many of which are scams/rugpulls or simply poorly managed, Jason wanted to create a project with true utility. After recruiting experts from around the globe, Jason and his team began to look at the ever-evolving crypto industry and assess the needs and wants of the community of investors, and identify problematic issues other projects were experiencing. This gave birth to Treasury, a multivariate ecosystem that provides real utility to its community of investors.   



Duncan Glendinning

After graduating from the University of Bath with a bachelors in Computer Science Duncan went on to build a freelance web development career for just close to 10 years before having a midlife crisis and turning his hand to artisan baking. Now a company director of a successful artisan bakery, he's never drifted too far away from the web and with his interest spiked in crypto, he's now wading back in as part of the Treasury team. Having started his first business at just 12 years old, Duncan has a valuable entrepreneurial trait which together with his business acumen and technical understanding makes him an asset to the team. When not in his day job: Duncan enjoys time with his two young kids and his wife, cooking, growing fruit and veg on their allotment, and a glass or two of red wine.

Daniel Austin

Daniel is the owner/operator of DLA home solutions, where he works in various fields including home repairs and home building. Along with his wife and her real estate license they cover a bunch of ground. Daniel served in the United States Army as a mechanic, serving in various capacities both overseas and stateside. He has received various military awards including the Purple Heart and Meritorious Service Medal. He has spent over 11 years working with databases in both the Military and Civilian work force. Daniel also holds a Major B.A from Columbia College, is a lean six sigma black belt, is certified in critical infrastructure recovery for natural disasters response. Daniel brings a wealth of technical expertise in his role with us here at Treasury XRPL.

Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins is the founder and CEO of Sitecribs, a web design and marketing company based in Oklahoma. Before founding Sitecribs, Anthony graduated from Texas A&M Texarkana with a degree in Architectural Engineering and Design. After graduating he worked for a short time as a personal fitness instructor before moving on to work as the Chief Engineering Technician and lead designer for the US FBOP. Anthony is driven by a passion for creativeness and guided by integrity and a strong work ethic. When not in his day job... Anthony is an artist and musician and enjoys spending time with his wife, Ashlyn, and 2-year-old son, Atlas. His other hobbies include sports, fishing, hiking, fitness, woodworking, metal working, vehicle and bike restoration and JD Single Barrel Rye Old Fashioneds.

Lewis Kelly

Lewis has traded stocks for the last 6 years, just recently venturing into the crypto space. Learned how to read charts during that time, and continues to learn using different indicators and strategies. He works 2 retail jobs during the day. He is a supporter of XRP and the XRPL, and is very big on trust in projects he invests in. When not in his day job... Lewis is either at the gym, or at home always learning something new about trading stocks or crypto. Spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, hardly ever watches TV except for NFL football.

Kristin Dack

After earning an architectural design degree and a short-lived but completely boring experience working in that field, I transitioned to working with West Corporation. Formerly West Corporation is a telecommunications company, I worked in client services and operations with different clients such as AT&T and DirectTV. The fast-paced atmosphere and technical challenges kept my interest for 7 years before resigning to start a Property Preservation business with my husband. We maintained REO properties for HUD and various banks, which lead to obtaining my Real Estate Brokers license and opening a brokerage specially tailored to real estate investors offering property management. I started researching and investing in crypto in 2020 starting with XRP and have found a new passion in the cryptocurrency space. I am excited to join Treasury and help grow this project to the potential it has!

Alan Bellhouse

An avid sports fan. Played rugby from school age until old age caught up. Held the position of secretary at the local multisport sports club. Presently employed installing and commissioning hotel energy management systems all over the US. Born in the UK sold up and emigrated in 2007, leaving 3 children and 8 grandchildren behind. 4th child emigrated and married an American and lives close by with 4 more grandchildren and 3 great-grandkids. Quiet time is working in my yard working on my computer and avoiding TV. Happy times are spending time with my wife of 52 years and travelling back to the UK to see my family

Hayley Shaw

Social Media Officer
Hayley has been a part of the XRP community for a short time and can often be found in twitter spaces and various discord groups educating herself in her free time. She is co-host of the 2Cold Cross Chain Pub crawl, which has led to her to going out and discovering what the other block chains have to offer. During the day Hayley works for a plastic recycling company helping to save the world one milk bottle at a time! In her free time she likes to cook, bake and play with her 3 fur babies, because after all a dog is a mans best friend so why not have 3!

Kristoffer Legada

Philippines Community Officer
Kristoffer is a graduate in Computer Hardware Servicing and Network Administration. After 3 years as School Secretary and Student Affairs Coordinator in San Pascual Polytechnic College Kristoffer went on to work for a BPO Company as a Technical Service Representative before most recently working as an on-site coordinator in the telecoms industry. He recently decided to follow his heart and created the BHSL - Bring Hope Save Lives, a non profit organization for a local area that provide a community service and help people in need. As a strong supporter of XRPL and Treasury XRPL Kristoffer joins us to help bridge the gap with our Filipino community. When not in his day job... Kristoffer enjoys graphic design and basic video editing, gaming, motorcycling and spending time with friends and family.

Treasury's Roadmap to Success