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About Us

By disrupting the status quo and reimagining education, we aim to unleash the full potential of every individual, driving positive change in our communities and the world. At Treasury, our transformative journey disrupts the modern education system, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through knowledge and unbiased education. Our mission is to challenge the status quo, breaking down barriers and redefining the way people learn, grow, and thrive in a balanced and informed environment.


Duncan Glendinning

Strategic Leadership & Business Development
After graduating from the University of Bath with a bachelors in Computer Science Duncan went on to build a freelance web development career for just close to 10 years before having a midlife crisis and turning his hand to artisan baking.

After 13 years as company director and head baker of a successful artisan bakery, Duncan now works as senior sales manager for a flour miss but he's never drifted too far away from the web and with his interest spiked in crypto, he's now wading back in as part of the Treasury team.

Having started his first business at just 12 years old, Duncan has a valuable entrepreneurial trait which together with his business acumen and technical understanding makes him an asset to the team. When not in his day job: Duncan enjoys time with his two young kids and his wife, cooking, and growing fruit and veg on their allotment.

Hayley Shaw

Social Media Officer
Hayley has been a part of the XRP community for a short time and can often be found in twitter spaces and various discord groups educating herself in her free time. She is co-host of the 2Cold Cross Chain Pub crawl, which has led to her to going out and discovering what the other block chains have to offer.

During the day Hayley works for a plastic recycling company helping to save the world one milk bottle at a time! In her free time she likes to cook, bake and play with her 3 fur babies, because after all a dog is a mans best friend so why not have 3!

Hans Sandkuhl

Strategic Development & Innovation
Hans has a broad range of experience from different leadership roles across the globe, specializing in sustainable strategy and purpose-driven innovation.

His know-how extends to strategic planning, digital transformation, and a human-centered design approach, making him a key player in driving change.

He's a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, aiming to make his teachings accessible to everyone. Outside his professional life, Hans actively supports social causes, especially those promoting financial literacy and inclusion, health, and sustainable living.


Tokenomics and wallets

Community Distribution Wallet: rH6xyzeRsPbMw3nCkatCVt29njLrCLcNKD

(Formerly: raFwUqgmUDahiuyo4urYP5L2YD4FZSDGG4

This wallet is used to store the uncirculated amount of $TRSRY destined for Academy learn-to-earn payouts. It is also used to payout the monthly rewards to qualifying Timmy NFT holders, as well as the prize pot for Timmy’s Lucky Numbers Draw and any other collaboration prizes or rewards.

Dedicated Academy Rewards wallet: rME2LXH8Che2BZRbu5LCRKWju9U3ARaEPd

This wallet is solely used for distributing the learn-to-earn rewards to the students of our Academy.

Dedicated Daily Rewards wallet: rME2LXH8Che2BZRbu5LCRKWju9U3ARaEPd

This wallet is solely used for distributing our daily rewards drops to holders of $TRSRY

Team & Project wallet: rDuyAcoVnWP1T7yh6dGXo7fCSJG3iB4kfm

This wallet is the wallet that holds $TRSRY and $UtiliteX destined for team payments, as well as XRP proceeds from the sale of NFTs. It is also the wallet used to issue NFTs, and receive NFT Bonds back from their holder when they reach maturity.

This wallet may also hold other assets which will have been purchased using the XRP funds.

Projects’ Holding wallet: rstAzE37WJqcw5dVgCycokq4EQ8GaFbFK3

This wallet holds our dedicated $RPR holding making $TRSRY eligible for a Hard-Slot. It therefore also holds the $ASC holding, and a number of other tokens dropped as a result of being an $ASC holding wallet. In addition it holds a number of other project’s tokens donated as a result of collaborations with other projects.

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