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Venture Voting Archive


Round opened: 31st January 2022
Voting closed: 4th February 2023

Winner: OpenEgg 3,488,103.745513
Runner-up: NFTempo 2,768,615.97632936

Total Votes Cast in $UtiliteX: 6,256,719.7218423

A snaphot of the two tokens trading value was taken during the Venture AMA spaces call for the purposes of caculating what the voters will receive ibn rewards:

$OVO = 0.000014
$UtiliteX = 0.004896


OpenEgg has 2 fundamental parts, that will complement one another to help grow a self-sustained project. 

The first part, the $OVO Ecosystem, is broken down into our initial 4-stage plan, that will be delivered throughout 2023. These 4 stages will generate a utilised demand, and fully decentralise and maximise growth for $OVO. Each stage will be a step forward on our mission to become a top project on the XRPL and the current growth is testament to our initial hard work. 

OVOcode is the second part to OpenEgg, where we will be working through a series of OVOcodes and OVOschemes to bring a host of sustainable and profitable business models, that will utilise the power of NFTs on the XRPL. Imagine a Web 3 Groupon, Business Onboarding products and NFT trading/saving schemes all compiled under the OpenEgg brand and ltd company. The profits generated from OVOcode will then be returned to the $OVO ecosystem, to further generate $OVO utility, value and integration on the XRPL. 

Become an OVOnaut today and lets Open Virtual Ownership


Every voter will receive 1:1 of the XRP value of their $UtiliteX votes back, paid to them in our utilised issued token $OVO.

In addition to this, if your total value in $UtiliteX votes reaches one of our tier levels you will be additionally rewarded one of our Easter Egg NFTs which have a huge number of rewards associated with them.
Giga Egg 1000 XRP
Mega Egg 500 XRP
Micro Egg 100 XRP

Additional top voter rewards:
Top Voter: “OVOscheme NFT” – Utility. “Provide a personalised 25pc NFT collection”.
Top 10 Voters: Physical Snapback Cap
Top 25 Voters: Limited Edition NFT to celebrate Venture win


NFTempo is a XRPL based marketplace for music NFTs. We’re democratising music for all via a revolutionary marketplace and educational content. We’re building four interconnected modules to form our ecosystem:

  • Our flagship module is our tokenized royalties marketplace. We’re enabling musicians to sell shares of their music’s commercial rights via NFTs.
  • The music NFT marketplace allows musicians to sell digital collectibles to their fans.
  • The NFT ticking hub provides a programmable ticking service for both metaverse and IRL events.
  • The NFT DeFi module enables NFT holders to deploy complex sets of DeFi tools for their assets. including staking, liquidity pools, NFT bonds and much more!

By tokenizing royalties, we unlock music’s true value and empower fans to support creators, whilst directly benefiting from the artist’s success! NFTempo is fully committed to expanding the utility of the XRPL by tokenizing music. We’re unlocking the next wave of value for musicians, fans and XRP holders alike.


Voters rewards will be structured as follows:

1 XRP worth of $XFT tokens for every 1 XRP of $UtiliteX votes up to 100 XRP in value.
1.115 XRP worth of $XFT tokens for every 1 XRP of $UtiliteX votes between 101 and 499 XRP in value
1.25 XRP worth of $XFT tokens for every 1 XRP of $UtiliteX votes greater than 500 XRP in value

In addition to this:
– Top 50 voters will receive an additional 500$XFT
– Top 25 voters will receive an additional 1,000$XFT
– Top 3 voters will receive an additional 2,500$XFT


Round opened: 6th December 2022
Voting closed: 10th December 2022

Winner: Moonboiii 2,520,300.2
2nd Place: OpenEgg 1,202,079.1
3rd Place: Bibliomp 1,195,002.7

Total Votes Cast in $UtiliteX: 4,917,282.09


OpenEgg powered by $OVO, will be one of the biggest passive NFT rewarding projects on the XRP Ledger.
Our ranges include “UtilityDrivenNFTs”, “Colleggtions”, OVOnaut Avatars and NFT burn-to-earns.

All dropped to our Easter Egg & $OVO Holders, aiding in their crypto journey through education, innovation and integration.
$OVO will be utilised as a medium of exchange for our NFTs, within our Incubation Metaverse Centre and to initiate our Games.

Holders have a huge amount of drops, draws and rewards including NFT/Token staking, monthly XRP profit share draws and part % ownership of our Incubation OVOnaut Scheme which pays out to all Top 250 holders at maturity.
Become an OVOnaut today and let’s help Open Virtual Ownership together.


Every voter will receive 25% of the XRP value of their $UtiliteX votes back, paid to them in our issued token $OVO.
In addition to this, the $UtiliteX voters will be able to use the XRP value of their vote total as credit against any number of the NFTS from our UtilityDrivenNFTs and Collegtions from the menu below.

Giga Egg 2000 XRP
Mega Egg 1000 XRP
Micro Egg 200 XRP
OVOnaut 299 XRP
3d Humpty 150 XRP
RoyalEgg 70 XRP
DoodlEgg 10 XRP

Additional top voter rewards:

Top Voter: FREE Diamond NFT
Top 10 Voters: Physical Snapback Cap
Top 25 Voters: Limited Edition NFT to commemorate Treasury’s first ever Venture Voting Round!!


MoonBoiii Collective is a non-binary digital character living on the XRPL. Working together with talented artists worldwide, our aim is to push the boundaries of what most people think are NFT collectibles. We help grow artists and the XRPL community.

With no plans to release a useless token, our project revolves around a self-sustaining Art Collective. Working together with projects that have already launched a token, we’ll use those as rewards for our community, among physical giveaways.

Favoring high quality over quantity, all revenue is split 50/50 with the artists. MoonBoiii’s share gets divided over marketing and the community pool.


Receive 1XRP worth of $SNX tokens for every 1XRP worth of $UtiliteX
Receive 1 NFT from our onXRP collection when voting with 50XRP worth of $UtiliteX or more
Receive 5 NFTs from our onXRP collection when voting with 200XRP worth of $UtiliteX or more

– Top 20 voters get a limited edition, custom MoonBoiii DOG TAG made by The Ti Project (open worldwide, excluding USA sanctioned countries).
– Top 3 voters get a Rare NFT from one of our Sologenic collections.
– Top voter also gets 1 Legendary NFT from our Sologenic collection.


Bibliomp is a cross-chain video game and metaverse based project with the main intentions being to onboard and educate any type of person who wants to learn how to get into the crypto space safely and enjoyably.
The overall designs will be a group effort to finalize using community voting and proposals to create an all around holistic immersive experience.
Using the XRPL as the main network for the ecosystem, the bridges to other networks will act as a seamless way for people to come on board easily to learn and try out a ledger they may otherwise never would.


All voters will receive 1.7x the value of their $UtiliteX votes in $xBIBLx. (E.g if you vote with 100XRP worth of $UtiliteX you will receive 170XRP of $xBIBLx)

The top voter will get a Tier 1 Biblburn Machine NFT which will deliver 311,000 $xBIBLx as well as additional staking rewards.

2nd and 3rd highest voters will get a Tier 2 Biblburn Machine NFT which will deliver 31,100 $xBIBLx as well as additional staking rewards.