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Our Venture Partners

Meetn® is the Faster, Easier, and more Customizable alternative to Zoom®. So whether you intend to use Meetn® for your team meetings and other online calls, or whether you intend to use it to broadcast to your community, hold webinars and more, Meetn® is a whole new breed. 
Zoom® doesn’t allow you to preload order forms directly inside your meeting room. Meetn® does. Zoom® doesn’t let you live stream to five social media platforms simultaneously. Meetn® does. With Zoom® you can’t share media files with one click or give your events a title before you record them for easy reference. 
With Meetn® you can. Only Meetn® offers you these features to boost your sales. See for yourself and try Meetn® for 14 days for only $1.

LIFETIME free subscription of MEETn Unlimited worth $499/yr, giving you all the features a like-for-like subscription to Zoom would give you, which would set you back $5,859/yr

VerseX is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the metaverse like never seen before. VerseX will empower users to interact with the real world through the use of the world’s most sophisticated next generation real-me 3D creation engine, Unreal Engine 5. 
We leverage the power of blockchain and virtual reality technology in order to create an immersive, real-world three-dimensional experience in the metaverse. Using web3 technology, VerseX eliminates current retail and e-commerce issues: long lines, tedious checkouts, delivery problems, ill-fiting garments, and untrustworthy digital representations of real-world items. Thus, revoluonising the way people shop. In order to ensure a true representation of the real world, the VerseX mall will be developed using full-scale photo-realisct graphics. 
In the VX mall, users will have the opportunity to create their own virtual shops to sell physical-world items to a global audience. This can be accomplished through integration of blockchain technology and linking it to in-game payments in order to replicate true-life behaviour and shipping processes

VerseX will provide winning Venture candidates with a free pop-up store in the VX Mall (metaverse) for a period of three months.

RaDical-X is an NFT Exchange designed differently to traditional NFT exchanges on other blockchains. We aim to improve and speed up NFT trading utilising the XRPL’s efficient speed, scalability, and low-cost network functionality. But that’s not the end, with an additional 4 confidential features being added soon. 
RaDical-X provides an individual customized experience that is tailored to fit all, as an experienced NFT artist or a beginner new to market. Our core services are lean marketing and experience NFT creation, minting and selling, but what we want to achieve most is building lifelong connections and friendships to educate, learn in a safe environment, meet like-minded individuals, and get rewarded as you participate and engage with others. 
RaDical X platform provides high performance connectivity to all involved with NFTs.

DP Monks Finance will offer each winning candidate: – Access to the radical-x NFT marketplace platform – 200k XDX – 1 RDX Access to advanced trading features as and when they come online

SwissTech Token has made the XRPL it’s home focusing specifically on the Swiss watchmaking industry. SwissTech Token aims to use NFTs as a gateway between the virtual and the physical world. 
They intend to support and promote the expertise of the Swiss watchmaking industry, in order to enable it to easily integrate the digital revolution that is underway. The project aims to support the regional economy by offering a portal to the applications that blockchain and NFT technology can offer to Swiss watchmaking.


SwissTech will provide free access to our tools and programs + provide personal assistance and advice to winning candidates

TalentChain is a platform for self-monetization and aims to provide access to personal tokens all across the globe. It enables “Talents” – creators or makers, to launch their own token in order for them to build their own digital economy. 
In this way, talented creators or makers like artists, streamers, gamers, NFT designers, crypto and web3 influencers or experts can build their communities and interact with it, by giving community members the possibility to earn and collect benefits or perks, as well as purchasing services or goods.


Free TalentChain credit for projects to swap on their TalentDex and hire some talent for project development

Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to create user-owned, digital identity for every person on the planet. To accomplish this, we are creating web3 domains that put you back in control of your data. These aren’t just traditional domains, these are domains with superpowers. 
Domain names with superpowers Your Unstoppable domain is your identity for Web3. Use your Unstoppable Domain to build and verify your digital identity, log in seamlessly to applications, games and metaverses, make payments easier by simplifying lengthy crypto wallet addresses, and create and host websites that you fully own. 
Unstoppable Domains are minted on the blockchain with zero gas fees. Best of all, once you buy and claim a Web3 domain, it’s yours forever — no renewal fees.

Free .crypto domain name or $500 credit to use in domain name purchases on unstoppabledomain.com

Sitecribs is a website development and hosting company that offers blazing-fast speeds, and excellent customer service.
You deserve your website to be fast regardless the size or number of visitors you receive. Fast websites rank higher in search engines, generate more leads, and make more money. Our private cloud utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make this possible with affordable power and supreme reliability.

Whether you’re building your first website or are already established, we have a solution that’s affordable and scalable. Best of all, it’s easy!

One free year of blazing-fast hosting with a free SSL certificate, cPanel, Unlimited subdomains, Free LiteSpeed Webserver, Free Cloudflare w/ railgun, and five free email accounts.