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OpenEgg has 2 fundamental parts, that will complement one another to help grow a self-sustained project.

The first part, the $OVO Ecosystem, is broken down into our initial 4-stage plan, that will be delivered throughout 2023. These 4 stages will generate a utilised demand, and fully decentralise and maximise growth for $OVO. Each stage will be a step forward on our mission to become a top project on the XRPL and the current growth is testament to our initial hard work.

OVOcode is the second part to OpenEgg, where we will be working through a series of OVOcodes and OVOschemes to bring a host of sustainable and profitable business models, that will utilise the power of NFTs on the XRPL. Imagine a Web 3 Groupon, Business Onboarding products and NFT trading/saving schemes all compiled under the OpenEgg brand and ltd company.
The profits generated from OVOcode will then be returned to the $OVO ecosystem, to further generate $OVO utility, value and integration on the XRPL.

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