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NFTempo is a XRPL based marketplace for music NFTs.

We’re democratising music for all via a revolutionary marketplace and educational content.

We’re building four interconnected modules to form our ecosystem:

  • Our flagship module is our tokenized royalties marketplace. We’re enabling musicians to sell shares of their music’s commercial rights via NFTs.
  • The music NFT marketplace allows musicians to sell digital collectibles to their fans.
  • The NFT ticking hub provides a programmable ticking service for both metaverse and IRL events.
  • The NFT DeFi module enables NFT holders to deploy complex sets of DeFi tools for their assets. including staking, liquidity pools, NFT bonds and much more!

By tokenizing royalties, we unlock music’s true value and empower fans to support creators, whilst directly benefiting from the artist’s success!

NFTempo is fully committed to expanding the utility of the XRPL by tokenizing music. We’re unlocking the next wave of value for musicians, fans and XRP holders alike.