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Venture Projects


Beat Your Beat

Beat Your Beat is a social music NFT platform that empowers independent musicians by creating a direct connection between artists and fans. It offers a marketplace where fans can own a share of their favorite music and earn a portion of royalties. The BYB Artistic Fund supports the creation and production of artists within the […]

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Foodware XRPL is an African blockchain-based food logistics company.
We are building Africa’s No. 1 Blockchain-Powered Food Network through our Marketplace – THE FOODWARE HUB.

Foodware Hub is Africa’s First Local Food Commodity Marketplace with full Integration of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. It’s designed to connect millions of consumers to farmers/food vendors, this platform is powered by Foodware Coin ($FWX) our utility token.

Activities in our ecosystem are Consumer Content Rewarding (Post2Earn), User Governance, Staking, Decentralized Discounts, NFTs,
and 50+ Crypto payments. We aim to bridge the economic backlogs experienced by farmers/vendors and consumers in the food supply

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NFTempo is a marketplace for all things music.

We enable musicians to sell music NFTs, fractionalise music royalties, create NFT tickets and unlock their NFTs value using our DeFi module – all via the XRPL. Our vision is to build the stock market of music and an ecosystem for musicians, fans and investors alike.

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Bibliomp is a cross-chain video game and metaverse based project with the main intentions being to onboard and educate any type of person who wants to learn how to get into the crypto space safely and enjoyably. The overall designs will be a group effort to finalize using community voting and proposals to create an

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OpenEgg has 2 fundamental parts, that will complement one another to help grow a self-sustained project. The first part, the $OVO Ecosystem, is broken down into our initial 4-stage plan, that will be delivered throughout 2023. These 4 stages will generate a utilised demand, and fully decentralise and maximise growth for $OVO. Each stage will

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MoonBoiii Collective

MoonBoiii Collective is a non-binary digital character living on the XRPL. Working together with talented artists worldwide, our aim is to push the boundaries of what most people think are NFT collectibles. We help grow artists and the XRPL community. With no plans to release a useless token, our project revolves around a self-sustaining Art

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