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Discreet Brokerage Service


In understanding the value of this service it is important to note that many projects (despite their best efforts to suggest otherwise) start off as a one man (or woman) operation. Others may have the support of other individuals, whose support invariably wanes when the often misplaced promises or expectations of untold wealth fail to come to fruition.
In our time in this space we have come across a number of projects that for circumstances beyond their control, the project leads are not able to commit what is required to continue to deliver for their holders and deliver their project to it’s full potential.
In this instance more often than not the community of holders of that project are left to suffer the losses of a project that may have otherwise done everything right but through mitigating circumstances are no longer able to continue.

Intellectual Property

Projects may also in time have developed proprietary technology/tools etc.. or own other intellectual property that for various reasons they may no longer be looking to bring to market.

Discreet Brokerage Service (DBS)

Treasury’s DBS slots in to discretely market either entire projects or intellectual property, using our extensive contacts database of existing projects that are looking to bolster their offering through acquisitions as well as select and well-positioned individuals and organisations looking to acquire projects as going concerns or intellectual property to add to their own portfolio. The service includes issuance of a mutual NDA, an initial consultation, followed up with networking on our part with all our contacts in this space, and potential introductions made.


Contact us Today

If you have developed tools or have other intellectual property that you don’t intend to bring to market, then contact us today as we may well be able to find a buyer for those assets. 

If on the other hand you’ve had a personal change of circumstances or your project is running into difficulty, please do not hesitate to speak to us in total confidence. The blockchain does not need to be a lonely place and we can use our network of contacts to help identify someone to support you, or take your project on.

If you are a project or individual looking to acquire assets then we would love to hear from you to add you to our growing list of contacts on the XRPL.